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Welcome to the

GFWC Woman's Club of Stuart

A Member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs


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​Applications for Membership in the Woman’s Club of Stuart shall be:

a.   Endorsed by a member;

b. A Membership Application completed and accompanied by a check covering the dues for the current year, except those members accepted in December, January and February shall pay one half of the current year's dues. Members accepted after March shall pay dues for the next fiscal year; and

c. Given to the Chair of the Membership Committee. Members who have left the Club shall be reinstated upon application.

Membership Dues For the

2019 - 2020  Year
are as follows:

ACTIVE Membership 

(7 Monthly Luncheons Included): $120

ACTIVE Membership

(No Luncheons): $85

SENIOR Membership

(7 Monthly Luncheons Included): $85

SENIOR Membership

(No Luncheons): $50

ASSOCIATE Membership:  $55

Monthly Lunches are Optional

If you have questions or need

additional information, contact

Gail Kearney,

Vice President, Membership

by Telephone at 772 - 288-3227

or Email:  gkear@verizon.net 

Revised 6.9.18


The Woman’s Club ofStuart is a group of woman united by a dedication to community improvement through volunteer service. Our primary purpose is to serve by volunteering, raising funds, and reaching out to others while experiencing lifelong learning and friendships for all members. Although there is diversity in the ages, interests, and experiences of our members, we are all united by a common goal to community improvement through volunteer service.

Please take a few minutes to review our classes of membership. We encourage motivated woman to become part of our team and help us make a difference in our community.

Membership in the Woman’s Club of Stuart consists of four classes:

All classes of membership shall conduct the business of the Club and shall share in its responsibilities.

ACTIVE membership requires serving as a hostess at one business or general meeting or card party, and volunteering on at least one committee during the Club year.

ASSOCIATE membership consists of members who, because of a physical condition or illness, are inactive in the work of the Club. Associate members are not required to serve on a committee.*

SENIOR membership may be requested when a member has reached the age of 80 and has been a member of the Club for 15 years or more. To attain Senior status, a member must have been in a Federated Woman's Club for a minimum of 15 years and be a minimum of 80 years of age. Senior members are not required to serve on a committee.*

HONORARY membership consists of members who have performed an outstanding service for the Woman’s Club of Stuart. Any member of the Club may nominate another member for this honor. Nominations will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Board. Honorary membership will be retained for life. Honorary members are not required to serve on a committee.

*Written request for Associate or Senior membership shall be submitted to the Executive Board
for approval.