Holiday Home Tour

Our 10th Anniversary Holiday Home Tour was, once again, a great success! With six beautifully decorated homes on display, an open Wine & Cheese Reception and a Silent Auction of Holiday Decor, the day was perfect!

Many thanks to Polly Pharo, Lisa Pinkley, and the entire Committee for a job "well done"!


2018 - 2019 Executive Board

Janie Copes, President

Carole Romano, 1st Vice President

Paula Scheid,  2nd Vice President, Hospitality

Gail Kearney,  3rd Vice President, Membership

Ginger Shannon, Recording Secretary

Jennifer Randak, Corresponding Secretary

Pamela Tubbs, Treasurer

Pam Evert, Assistant Treasurer

Paulette Holliday, Media Director

Pamela Tubbs, Parliamentarian​​


2018 - 2019 ​Trustee Board

Janie Copes, President*

Mona Salisbury, Past President

Carole Romano, 1st Vice President*

Sue Riordan, Trustee Chair*

 Sharon Coffey, Trustee Treasurer

Joanne Helgren, Trustee Secretary

Pamela Tubbs, Parliamentarian

Edwina Dunworth, Trustee

Susan Clifford, Trustee

Barbara Forlenza, Trustee

Cecilia Lewis, Trustee

Rona Byrne, Building Trustee

​​Sandra Weaver, Rental Agent

​*Also a Member of the Executive Board


             Welcome to 

               The GFWC Woman's

               Club of Stuart​​


November Meeting Overview

​​With 107 attendees, our November 21, 2018 General Meeting was held with a delicious lunch being served and the business of our Club being discussed including the upcoming 10th Anniversary of our Holiday Home Tour, Refuge Ranch Party and Sugar Tour.

A very successful Veterans Clothing Drive with a monetary collection for socks for our soldiers was held by our Public Issues Committee. A "Treasures from the Closet" auction was held with various "like new" items of clothing and decorative items being raised for our charitable funds.

It was a fantastic day to social with friends and realize our Thanksgiving blessings! 

Visit our Photo Gallery for pictures of this fun day!


The GFWC Woman's Club of Stuart does not meet during the months of June, July, and August.

Our next 2018 - 2019

General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 19, 2018. 

If you would like to attend, please contact Gail Kearney,

Vice President Membership

by telephone at 772 - 210-6954 or email at

For more information about our Club telephone 772 - 288-3227.​

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