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2017 Martin County Scholarship Winners include (left to right) Heather Cobas, Lindsey Wiley, Katelyn Swisher, Heidi Neff, Alyson Levy, and Stefanie Pineda Mijares.  Not pictured are McKenna Cook and Selena Ewing.

South Fork High School

2017 Scholarship Winners

Clark Advance Learning

High School

2017 Scholarship Winner

Martin Count High School

2017 Scholarship Winners

​Jensen Beach High School

​2017 Scholarship Winners

​​ The Scholarship Committee coordinates college scholarship applications with the guidance departments of our four Martin County high schools.  The Committee reads approximately 200 application annually.  Each application is carefully reviewed by each Committee Member to determine her qualifications.  Many hours are spent reading, making notes and rating candidates.  When all applications are read the Committee meets to choose the candidates.  This process takes many hours until Members agree on each candidate. Some of the criteria for those female students chosen include a high GPA, demonstration of volunteer work, school involvement in sports and clubs, the quality of the essay, letters of recommendation and family income.

The Committee meets in March to finalize the scholarship award decision and presents the awards to the winners at their school’s  ceremony.  The 2017 renewable awardees include Christina Gonzales, Alexis Kirkhart, Paige Highstone, Mikayla Pickard, Kiana Sawtelle, Sophia Gambina, and Catherine Ann Tompkins.

2017 New Scholarships include McKenna Cook and Katelyn Swisher (Martin County High School), Heather Cobas, Selena Ewing, and Lindsey Wiley (South Fork High School), Alyson Levy and Heidi Neff (Jensen Beach High School), and Stefanie Mijares (Clark Learning Center).


In addition to the eight (8) scholarships we awarded to high school candidates this year, the Scholarship Committee worked with IRSC (Indian River State College) to provide for an adult woman returning to school and a Fire Science Technology Degree.


Scholarship giving is our primary goal in fundraising. 

We awarded $33,000 in April/May 2017. 

Our goal is to assist girls who might not be able to afford

college without scholarships.

Every Spring the Scholarship Committee has the responsibility and the

privilege of awarding scholarships to deserving candidates.

This gratifying ceremony is the reward for all the work we do

to raise money throughout the year.

​​​For more information or to apply for

our Scholarship Program,

contact your Educational Guidance Counselor.