The Girlfriends meet at the Club on the second Tuesday of each month at Noon for a bag lunch and meeting and get together once a month for an evening of fun and friendship building.

All Club members are welcome to be a part of  the Girlfriends Committee.

For more information regarding the Girlfriends Committee, telephone

772 - 288-3227 or email


Welcome to the GFWC Woman's Club of Stuart

What is the Girlfriends Committee?

​​​​The Girlfriends Committee is a group of philanthropic professional women within the Woman’s Club that raise funds and host events for the Club.  Although many Girlfriends members also attend the monthly General Woman’s Club meetings, some, due to their work schedules, find it easier to bring a bag lunch and meet for the hour meetings held the 2nd Tuesday of each month. ​​The Girlfriends have completed two very successful Creative Cocktails, Creative Coutures and two Sip n Shop fundraisers.  Sip n Shop 2014 was held on March 21, 2014 and is the Girlfriends biggest and most successful fundraiser.  This year (2016-2017), the Girlfriends will sponsor the "Stuart Christmas Parade" on December 2nd, Food, Friends & Fashion on February 4th, and "Art is Everywhere" Tour on April 1st.  For more information on these Events, visit our "Events" link.

The Girlfriends have also raised funds to renovate our building and

kitchen and remain a valuable asset to our Club.

Girlfriends Committee