Welcome to the GFWC Woman's Club of Stuart

Hospitality Committee:  Beth Guild, Connie Murgolo (Chairs), Marie Jureit-Beamish, Lorene Grant, and

Judy Fitzgerald

October 18, 2018 General Meeting Overview

It was a great day @ The Woman’s Club of Stuart yesterday (October 18th)!  Thanks to Leigh Coates Giunta and KC Ingram for speaking to us about the upcoming vote to appoint and or elect our Superintendent of Schools. Our Speakers were very well prepared and everyone learned a lot about this issued!  Be sure to vote in November.

A delicious lunch was served by our Hospitality Committee to 95 Members and 11 Guests, the business of our Club was conducted and it was a fun time to socialize with our friends! New members were inducted and our new officers for next year were approved.

Visit our fantastic pictures of this meeting on our Photo Gallery.


2017 - 2018 Executive Board

Janie Copes, President

Carole Romano, 1st Vice President

Nancy Rad,  2nd Vice President, Hospitality

Tonya Axton,  3rd Vice President, Membership

Faith Paul, Recording Secretary

Jo Baxter, Corresponding Secretary

Pamela Tubbs, Treasurer

Pam Evert, Assistant Treasurer

Paulette Holliday, Media Director

Pamela Tubbs, Parliamentarian​​


April 2018

Meetings/Events Calendar

Date     Meeting/Event                            Time

   4         Board of Trustees                    9:00 am
   4         Executive Board                    10:30 am
   8        Juniorettes Car Wash/

                Bake Sale                                11:00 am
 10        Girlfriends Committee         12:00 pm
 10        History/Scrapbook

                 Committee                              1:00 pm
 18       April General Meeting
               Social Hour                             11:00 am
               Lunch                                        11:30 am
               Program/Business               12:00 pm

K.C. Ingram Taylor of the K.C. Ingram Show on WSTU radio will speak about local community issues.

General Meeting Theme:

"Spring Is In The Air - Celebrating our Florida Style"

25    Literary                                        10:00 am
25     New Member Social                  4:00 pm

   26    "It's Five O'clock Somewhere" 5:00pm



2017 - 2018 ​Trustee Board

The newly presented and elected Trustees at Large for 2017-2018 are:

Janie Copes, President*

Carole Romano, 1st Vice President*

 Sharon Coffey, Trustee Treasurer

​Joanne Greenfield, Trustee 

Joanne Helgren, Trustee

Nancy Rad, Trustee

​Pamela Tubbs, Parliamentarian

Beth Guild, Trustee/Building Agent*

Sandra Weaver, Rental Agent

​*Also a Member of the Executive Board